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Hey, I'm Ewen

I'm a Cloud Platform and Security Engineer from Sydney, Australia.

I Like to Build Things

As an engineer, I build platforms and experiences that are easy to maintain and use, with automation to ensure quality and stability at enterprise scale. I have extensive experience with a range of tools including AWS, Akamai, Adobe Experience Manager, IBM WebSphere, Jenkins CI, and many more.

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From basic infrastructure-as-code projects using Ansible, Terraform, and CloudFormation, to complete environments with AEM and WebSphere.

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Building, Testing, and Deploying Code can be fast and manageable. Let me show you and your team how to take the challenge out of delivery!

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Full Stack

I'm also a full-stack developer with over a decade of experience. I can design and implement a complete solution for your project and provide support.

Things I've Done Before

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Cloud Security Lead (TPG Vodafone)

I'm currently the lead cloud platform and security engineer in the cloud security team at TPG & Vodafone. I provide architectural and cloud platform support as well as providing the day-to-day reviews and approvals in the security space.

Our primary products are the cloud security and audit platform APIs, as well as the customer facing dashboards and interfaces used to consume the information we collect from our cloud fleet, which are implemented in Python FastAPI with React front-ends.

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Engineering Manager (MLC, IOOF)

From 2020 through the end of 2021 I was the manager of an agile development team working on modernising a range of legacy websites to enable online access to superannuation.

Our team developed web services with Java and SpringBoot, with front-ends implemented in React, deployed into Amazon Web Services with an in-house kubernetes deployment pipeline.

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Senior Consultant,
DevOps & Automation (NAB)

For 2019, I was a DevOps lead across the online team providing patterns and approaches to improve deployments and reduce defects.

Our stack was primarily Java based running on top of WebSphere, with content supported with Adobe Experience Manager and fronted by Akamai.

Our tooling stack was based around Jenkins, GitHub Enterprise, JFrog Artifactory, Python, and Shell Scripts.

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Senior Software Engineer (NAB)

From 2016 to 2018, I was the Senior Software Engineer in an agile platform team developing tooling and processes to support developers in getting code to production.

During this period I worked primarily with Java, SQL, Javascript, Jenkins, AWS, and Akamai.